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To get started with the software, click HERE to consult our Quick Start user guide. 


We support MAC OS High Sierra 10.13 and up

We support Windows 10 v1809 and up


Source code: GitHub


  • Add error messages for Find velodrome and Find Aero Test intervals.
  • Update "About" box URLs and add GC Notio GitHub repository URL.
Bug fixes:
  • Fix issue with some derived metrics (like slope) weren't updated right away after a compute.
  • Correct BCVX speed drops edit tool
    • Fix a crash that might occurs trying to correct speed drops.
    • Take also into account speed/cadence sensor status during process.


  • Computing process.
    • Implement it as data processor.
    • Add the possibility to activate the compute during ride importation.
    • Compute data in 4 Hz. Some data are in still 1 Hz for retro compatibility.
    • Optimize computation process.
    • New progress status user interface.
  • Optimize interval summary. (Sidebar and overlay)
  • Remove "Edit" chart in the default layout.
  • Improve Notio metrics using 4 Hz data.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Stability improvements.
  • Add ride file GC compatibility verification.
  • Add new total energy Notio metrics.
      This version brings the software up-to-date with the official release of GoldenCheetah V3.5. Once installed, it won't be possible to go back to a previous version. So, it is strongly advice to do a backup of your athletes' profile before updating.

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fix Strava connection.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Reimplementation of Notio CSV file importation.
  • Use local time in Notio Cloud sync dialog. (Notio Legacy Cloud still use UTC time)
  • Update Help main menu.
  • Stability improvements.

Known Issues:

  • Connecting to a Strava account is not possible.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fix SSL connection issue on some Windows installations.


  • Add two new methods to the Find Intervals tool.
    • BETA: Find velodrome intervals.
    • BETA: Find Notio aero test segments.
  • Add tool to manually offset speed to compensate sensor transmission delay.
  • Enable high DPI scaling in Windows.

This version fix bugs and improve stability.


  • Add "Correct BCVx speed drops" data processor.


  • Improve Reorder charts window.
    • Allow drag and drop to change charts order.
    • Add the possibility to move multiple contiguous items together
    • Enable usage of up and down arrow from keyboard to move around charts.
  • Improve "Correct BCVx power drops" data processor.
  • Update Roll graph descriptions and units. (Need to reset chart layout or create a new user to see changes)
  • Improve CdA Analysis chart.
      • Update UI text and error messages.
      • Rename "Coefficient 1" to "Calibration Factor".
      • Set the maximum CdA value displayed to 1.575 and a minimum to -1.575.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fix previous window state loss when launching software. Themes and sidebar configuration are remembered between sessions.
  • Fix an issue always asking for which athlete profile to open at GC start. (Windows)


  • Improve stability.
  • Update default charts layout. User need to reset layout from View menu to see changes.
  • Add the action to reload the 3D map.
  • Users can now compute from the Notio CdA Analysis chart.
  • Add a button to compute CdA on the summary chart.
  • Add manual check for updates in the About menu.
  • Improve files listing and download from Notio cloud.


Before installing this version, make sure to do a backup of your athletes library first. Then, uninstall the old version of the software.

You could restore your library afterward in the new default library folder or change in the preferences (options) of GCNotio the folder where you want your library to be.

Windows Users

The default athletes directory will be different. Be sure to copy the old folder content into the new.

Old default folder: C:\Users\{put your username}\AppData\Local\GoldenCheetahNotioKonect
New default folder: C:\Users\{put your username}\AppData\Local\GCNotio

MacOS Users

No specific actions is required.
Default folder: /Users/{put your username}/Library/GoldenCheetah

Fixed Bugs (MacOS):

  • Fix file importation Finder window hanging in some occasions.

New features:

  • Rename the software "GCNotio".
  • Implement access to our new cloud service named simply "Notio". You will need to connect if you are using the new iOS app to see your rides.
    • The coaching feature and Garmin Connect sync are not yet implemented for the new service.
  • Implement access to our new cloud service named simply "Notio". You will need to connect if you are using the new iOS app to see your rides.
  • The coaching feature and Garmin Connect sync are not yet implemented.
  • Rename our old cloud to “Legacy Notio Konect”. You still have access if your are using the old iOS app. Only the name changed.
  • The default blank page welcoming new athletes have been customized for Notio to improve user experience.


  • Remove the word "Konect" from user interface, except for the old cloud service.
  • Improve UI and algorithms of Notio BCVx data processors.
  • Implement “auto detect offset” feature to Data processor "Correct BCVx using Garmin".
  • Improve Notio Altitude Tool. Compute ride when setting is changed by the user.
  • CdA Analysis Chart
    • Automatically compute and save data when estimating coefficient 1.
    • Improve zooming on the plot.
    • Modify curve hovering tooltip time format and Y value precision.
    • Fix standard DataSeries loss when saving parameters.
    • Improve parameter fields below the graph.
  • 3D Map overhaul
    • Add standard DataSeries metrics to be displayed on the map.
    • Add user defined Data series in the chart settings.
    • Improve 3D wall display.
    • Add setting to change wall sections duration from 15 to 60 seconds.
    • Color bar have now default colors and zones definition. The user can still modify the parameters.
    • Improve small plot appearance.
    • Modify curve hovering tooltip time format and Y value precision on the small plot.