What are the basic steps to configure my Notio?

What data is displayed on my iOS device?

Can I use Notio without a Garmin head unit?

Are Garmin devices the only ones that can display live data?

Which Garmin devices are compatible with Notio?

The Notio being ANT+ and Bluetooth, does this mean that I can use devices with either of these two technologies?

Which devices can runs the Notio App?


How to pair my iOS device with my Notio?

How to pair my Garmin with my Notio?

How to fulfill your Notio App profile?

Why is it better to use a speed sensor instead of a GPS?

Are settings entered in the iOS app transmitted to the Garmin device?


How should I position the Notio on my bike?


How to calibrate your Notio with success?

Is it necessary to calibrate the device with each use?

What does the calibration factor refer to?

What is the CRR and how to find this information?


How is data saved and where is it stored?


What are the benefits of Golden Cheetah Notio over Garmin Connect?

How and where to transfer activities for analysis?

How can data be seen in Golden Cheetah Notio?

Are there any references to help me understand where I stand in terms of aero?

What is the best way to analyze data?


Can some external elements affect read offs?

Is it normal that my Notio would lose the signal of some devices?

How accurate is Notio? Does it compare to a wind tunnel?


What's in the box?

What is exactly a Notio and what does it measure?

What is the warranty on the product?

What is the battery life?

Size and weight?

Can I use Notio in the rain?

What is the operating temperature range?

Does Notio affect my bike's aerodynamic?

What else do I need to enjoy the full potential of this technology?

Do I really need a power meter to use Notio?

Which sensors can I use with Notio?

Is another GPS brand than Garmin that can be used to control the Notio?

Is my phone compatible with Notio?

Which communication protocol is used?

How to update from the old app to the new Notio App?

What is Drag Coefficient and what is used for?

How can you determine the CdA?

How does wind direction affect the CdA?

Can I see my data on Strava or Training Peaks?

Can the data be transmitted live while I am riding?

How can Notio improve my ride performance?

What is the display regarding Notio on my Garmin?

Can I use Notio during races?

Who can help me understand all this data?

Does it need a calibration?

How long does Notio take to measure my CdA?


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Where do I find my Notio serial number?

Where do I find the firmware version?