An iOS device is not required while you ride. The Notio can be paired with a Garmin unit or even working on its own.

iOS device is mandatory to configure the Notio (pre-ride), retrieve the data from it (post-ride) and synchronize it to the cloud.

Notio currently supports iOS 11 and higher.

Your power meter must work under an ANT+ signal protocol. We highly recommend using the Notio with a dual-sided power meter. They are more accurate and repeatable. Furthermore, it will generate a more accurate CdA, and the results will be more reliable.

As long as they work under ANT+ protocol, all the following sensors can be used with the Notio: Shimano D-Fly (Di2), power meter, speed, speed cadence, cadence and heart rate monitor.

Yes. Notio can be used without a Garmin device. Recording can then be controlled directly from the Notio using the side button (double click to start / double click to stop recording your ride) or from the Notio App through an iOS device.

An iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad is mandatory to pair your Notio with the ANT+ sensors and access your data stored in the Notio.