The Results Are Real

Magali Tisseyre

As part of our tests, we had the privilege of working with professional triathlete, Magali Tisseyre. After she tested the Notio technology, here is the interview she gave us.

Q. What improvements were you able to make after testing Notio?
A.We saw the impact of the race speedsuit (garment) and we also found a better position (more comfort and power with less aerodynamic loss).

Q. As a triathlete, what do you like most about Notio?
A. It's just amazing to be able to get almost instant feedback. Notio makes testing accessible. During training camp, time was limited. Because the feedback is so fast, we were able to test many more parameters than I would have thought, without any constraints. Personally, I had more trust in those tests since conditions were evaluated in a most natural context. I could therefore adopt a realistic position, the one I would normally have during a competition.

Q. Why would you recommend Notio?
A.  It is precisely for these reasons that I would recommend it. It's amazing to now have access to such valuable quality information!