Notio and Velocomp Announce New Industry Standard for On-Bike Aero Setup, Measurement and Display

Common Aero Profile delivers accurate, consistent CdA data on all bike computers

April 19, 2021 - Cyclists expect bike sensors and bike computers to “just work”.

Unfortunately, seamless operation between aero sensors and bike computers isn’t possible today because the aero profile—an industry-standard digital “language” used by aero sensors and bike computers to talk to each other—does not exist.  Without an aero profile, cyclists might not benefit from CdA and related measurements, because their aero sensor and bike computer can’t understand each other.

In order to rectify this problem, two industry leaders in aero sensors, Notio Technologies and Velocomp LLC, today announced a Common Aero Profile. Bike computer and aero sensor manufacturers implementing the Common Aero Profile will provide their customers with a simplified ANT+ setup experience, bike computer display of aero and related data, and device interoperability.

Notio Aero Testing on the TrackNotio Device

“The Common Aero Profile opens up aero-related measurements to over 10,000 Notio and Velocomp customers already using our sensors”, says John Hamann, CEO of Velocomp.  “Cyclists get simplified aero sensor setup, and measurements that are received and displayed on their bike computer in a consistent manner.”

“A common aero standard has been an industry goal for several years now,” says Martin Le Sauteur, CEO of Notio. “As Notio and Velocomp have captured nearly 100% market share of the aero sensor category, we are collaborating to provide a common standard that’s available now. The Common Aero Profile will stimulate growth opportunities for bike computer and aero sensor manufacturers.  For cyclists, seeing aero data on the bike computer of their choice, from the aero sensor of their choice, is another obvious win.”

Notio aero testing on the road

The Common Aero Profile will be available for license, without charge, to any bike computer or sensor manufacturer.  Notio and Velocomp will implement the Common Aero Profile in their respective products and apps during the 2021 cycling season.

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