Argon 18 uses Notio to validate aero advantage of new E-119 Tri+ Disc

Known for speed, functionality and aerodynamics, Argon 18 consistently designs some of the world’s fastest, most sought-after triathlon frames. That meant expectations were high with the announcement of the E-119 Tri+ Disc. With the addition of disc brakes however, the challenge was to provide that stopping power without an inherent drag penalty.

Argon 18’s engineers joined forces with Notio and recently hit the Mattamy National Cycling Centre track in Milton, ON, to test the bike and validate aero performance of the design. The major design goal of the new bike was full-system integration: the industry’s first integrated disc calipers and hydraulic reservoirs, alongside an integrated toolkit and bento box. That focus on integration also meant considering aero optimisation of the full bike and rider as a system, including how triathletes can achieve their optimal aero position. A fully redesigned cockpit, developed in partnership with 51 Speedshop, offers the flexibility and adjustability for triathletes to easily find and maintain their premium aero position.


Argon 18’s aero testing with Notio included not only the bike itself, but testing the bike fully loaded with IM-distance nutrition and hydration, as well as testing how a rider can optimise position and minimise drag with a simple cockpit adjustment. Finally, the team tested compatible aero equipment and components.


What’s the result?

Measured against several existing Argon 18 framesets (the E-119 Tri+ (rim brake), E-118 Tri+ (disc) and E-117 Tri Disc), using Notio, the new E-119 Tri+ Disc offers up to a 10W advantage over the previous-generation E-119, considering frame optimization, system integration, and compatibility with advanced aero components, such as wheelsets. An optimised aero athlete position can add up to another 7W advantage, bringing the total to a possible 17W advantage.


How Argon 18 validated the new E-119 Tri+ Disc bike: a new white paper from Argon 18. Combined with consistent measurement, this is a frameset that is about to redefine what it means to ride fast.