"Notio stole the show in the electronics category with the release of its real-time CdA sensor prototype. The device can measure wind speed, humidity, air pressure, air density, temperature and integrate with other sensors such as power, GPS and speed data, to calculate drag coefficient.

The Notio, which operates via Ant+ and BTLE, can currently display CdA data on Garmin bike computers through the use of Connect IQ app, although they are also working with other vendors at this time. Users will also have the ability to conduct a post ride analysis in Golden Cheetah or their own proprietary software platform. 

The Notio will be available to mount to both road and TT bikes through an array of mounting options that will be available. 

There will be three models available: Pro, Competitive, and Enthusiast. The Pro model, aimed at aero coaches, features a comprehensive analysis tool with additional data components, such as biomechanical sensors, for standard fit systems (it hasn't released hard data on margin of error or degree of sensitivity of their sensor). In speaking with the CEO of Notio Technologies, Marc Granville, the Competitive model would be ideal choice for most Slowtwitch readers, providing most of the same information as the Pro minus biomechanical data with the use of a power meter. And finally, the Enthusiast model, which does not provide aerodynamic data, is geared for those beginning to train with data and who do not own a power meter. It is expected to be available for purchase in March 2018 and although pricing hasn’t been finalized, the mid-range model will likely be in the $1000-$1500 range."

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