Notio Now Offering Virtual One-on-One Aero Optimization Consultation

Ready to take your aero testing to the next level? Whether you’re a new or expert Notio user, you can now book an online aero consultation to get an in-depth analysis of your testing protocol, your data, and advice on how to maximise your aero advantage.

Notio Aero Optimization Consultation

“Sometimes you only need to refine your testing protocol slightly to get the data that reveals where the real gains are likely to come from,” says Rob Barrett, Notio Aerodynamics Consultant. “There may be a small adjustment to your position or equipment that you want to evaluate, and you want to be sure you’ve got the right conditions and process to get accurate, repeatable results.”

The Aero Optimization Consultation is made up of two one-hour sessions, designed to leave you with a solid understanding of testing protocol and the knowledge to analyse your data on your own.

Session 1: Guidance for Testing Protocols

The first session will help you define the testing process for your Notio test sessions, so that you get the most from each session. This encompasses defining the order in which to test various equipment or positioning options, and the best way to ensure continuity between tests sessions.

Guidance for Testing Protocols

“Most people are thinking, ‘I want to minimise my CdA or I want to optimise my position to get faster with less effort’. Getting the right testing protocol will let you optimise your position, but more importantly, optimise it within your power parameters,” says Rob. “Often athletes go to the wind tunnel and find that perfect position, but then get out on the road and find that the position is unsustainable. Testing with Notio lets you get that optimal position on the road, in real-world conditions, so that you know you can maintain it for a longer TT or a full Ironman bike leg, for example.”

Session 2: File Analysis

The second session takes place after you have collected data the testing protocol established in Session 1. We then analyse the data file with you and review any factors that may have been causing difficulty with the test.

File Analysis

“Data interpretation can be tricky sometimes,” says Rob. “We’ll review things like the most effective calibration of the Notio to test different position changes, for example, and proper calibration of the Notio in order to identify the best part of the ride to use. Selecting the portion of your ride – that particular data set – is essential to finding usable and repeatable results.”

Optional Session: Video analysis

Once you’ve completed your Aero Optimization Consultation, you should be well-prepared to set up and analyse your own aero testing sessions. You will have planned what you want to test in your next session. Our video analysis service provides you with advice to help you narrow down the options to test, including equipment review and advice. You simply submit two videos (around 30 seconds to one minute each) of yourself on the trainer, one taken side-on and one taken head-on. Our analyst will review your videos and produce a report with suggestions for your next Notio test session.

Video Analysis

“With the online consultation we have the luxury of getting test results just right – collecting data from real world riding and then meeting at the athlete’s convenience to analyse the data,” says Rob. “There’s no velodrome to book, no fixed schedule with a coach – it’s a unique model that really gives the athlete the full convenience that on-bike aero testing has long promised.”

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Rob Barrett is an Aero Consultant with Notio, providing testing protocol and data analysis advice to athletes globally. With a degree in molecular physics and decades of experience in technology systems and software development, as well as being a competitive age group time trialist, Rob is able to provide guidance on both the real-world application of aerodynamic principles as well as data collection and interpretation through the Notio app.